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Web Site Security Recommendations - "The Backup"

In July we sent out a somewhat folksy article discussing security, titled, "Web site Security Recommendations - Please pass along," likewise viewable here:

The previous article discussed what to do in regard to better securing your business or web site online.

Below I would like to discuss backups and how important they are to your day-to-day existence online.

Most of us don't think twice about our web sites' backups; expecting they will be there when we need them, so why be concerned. I know, with all the tensions being promoted out in the world today, do I need to add another worry to my list?

Well, the good news is much of this worry can be easily reduced to a mere concern, by asking your web site designer to retain at least a monthly local backup of your web site. By local I mean an actual backup downloaded via your control panel. It is very easy to download a backup using your web sites' control panel.

While your web host will retain a daily backup, server backups are overwritten frequently (daily and weekly).

Two tips regarding backups:
1. If you are considering doing a major redesign of a web site remember to download a backup before uploading the new content; then download another copy once your redesigned web site is online.
2. Download local backups monthly, or at least quarterly, to ensure that even in a catastrophe you can sleep soundly at night knowing you have a copy of everything.

How do I backup my web site?
* click the "Home Directory" button -- it is really that easy.

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