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How to install clean Wordpress site from another web host

Steps to the process of moving a corrupted WordPress website to a new host:
  1. Set up account at new host (using same FTP usernameat new host as old if possible).
  2. Park alternate domain name at new host, such that wp-admin can be accessed.
  3. Install latest version virgin installation of Wordpress at new host.
  4. Set settings via phpMyAdmin to parked alternate domain name, such that wp-admin can be accessed using parked domain: 
  5. Here  
  6. And  
  7. Upgrade Wordpress at old host to latest version.
  8. Export database from old host Wordpress installation using WP Export in dashboard.
  9. Import databaseinto new Wordpress installation at new host.
  10. Copy over media images, videos, etc., as required (wp-content/uploads, et al).
  11. Review database for potential exploits at new host.
  12. Install and set up safe plugins, including: Wordpress Firewall 2 then BulletProof Security
  13. Have client mirror "Settings" from old blog to new and install required plugins from dashboard.
  14. Password secure wp-admin directory (w/differentuser/pass than WP admin).
  15. If possible, change A record only at old host to point to new host IP address (for testing).
  16. Have client to set up email accounts or forwarders in cPanel at new host.
  17. Once ready, change DNS for domain name to new hosts DNS.
  18. Using phpMyAdmin Set wp_options in database to domain name (from temporary domain).

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