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Spam Protect: First Time User Welcome Email Message

Your Spam Protect service has been activated.

Your Spam Protect service will begin processing email within 48 hours of your initial service order.

The daily Spam Protect quarantine email message will be titled, "Quarantine Report [your email address] [YYYYMMDD]"

Your email quarantine login is

If you have not received a password, please request your password at

A special note about the Whitelist and blacklist.

Whitelist and blacklists may only be managed by the domain name administrator at this time.

Your domain's cPanel may include a direct link to your Spam Protect domain administrative control panel as well.

Likewise, you may request to have an administrative address set up to allow access to your administrative account through Once set, you may then login into your administrative account by entering just your domain name (like, instead of

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