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Spam Protect: Quarantine report details/codes explained

Temporarily Rejected (4xx SMTP response)


Messages which have been temporarily rejected, stay stored on the sending mail server. Legitimate mailservers always automatically retry delivery of such messages. Depending on the reason of the temporary reject, the message could get accepted at a subsequent delivery attempt. It's always possible to whitelist the sender to disable any checks and to ensure that the message will get accepted as soon as it's retried by the sending server.


Temporary rejection due to greylisting. This technology is only applied to new IP addresses which do not have a (good) reputation yet in our global systems.

Unable to verify destination address

This means the destination server is unreachable or temporarily rejecting the email traffic. You'll have to check the destination route set to ensure delivery is attempted to the correct server. The logs on the destination server should show why it is not accepting the delivery attempts.

Internal error

An internal error occurred, this should automatically resolve. If not, please contact support.

Per-minute connection limit exceeded

The sender has exceeded his/her per-minute limit.

Too Many Connections

Too many connections from the sending server. Ratelimited.

Rejected (5xx SMTP response)


Messages which have been rejected are blocked by the system. Generally these messages can be reviewed in the "Spam quarantine", from where they can be released. It's always possible to whitelist the sender to disable any checks and to ensure that the message will get accepted as soon as it's resent by the sender.

Lines in message were longer than user maximum

This means that line within the email is longer than the set maximum. The RFC 5322 (SMTP 5321) specifies a maximum line length of 998. Normal email clients always enforce this limit to avoid delivery problems. The problem should be resolved at the sender side, or the check can be disabled.

Sending server used an invalid greeting

The sender has used an invalid HELO/EHLO. This could be either because an IP address is used, or because the HELO contains an invalid charachter, for example : underscore (_). The RFC states that a FDQN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) MUST be used.

Considered spam

Our systems considered this message as SPAM and quarantined the message. Releasing the message from quarantine will report it as a classification mistake to correct our systems.

SPF failure

This means that the SPF (Sender Policy Framework) has been broken. If this is legitimate mail, then this could be due to a forwarding construction.

Sending server is missing DNS records

The sending server is missing MX records or A records.

Destination address does not exist

The destination server is rejecting the connection with a 5xx permanent failure. The logs on the destination server will show why the message was rejected. You'll have to resolve the problem on the destination server to ensure it accepts the email.

Phishing attempt detected

Our systems detected a phishing attempt.

Blacklisted sending server

The sending server of the email has been blacklisted. Please contact support for more information.

Sending server listed on multiple DNSBL

The sending server has been found on mutiple blacklists.

Sending server attempted too many invalid addresses

The email sending server has attempted to deliver email to too many invalid email addresses in a certain time period.

Blacklisted sender

The sender was added to the custom sender blacklist.


A URL within the email has been listed on several blacklists.

External Pattern Match

The layout & format of the email matches known spam emails already listed.

User-specified blackhole address

A user specified a /dev/null Address this email will not get delivered anywhere.

Accepted (2xx SMTP response)


Messages that say 'Accepted' have not necessarily been delivered, it means the message has been accepted for delivery. If immediate delivery fails, the message will be automatically retried. If the destination server rejects the email, a bounce will be generated to the sender.

Message looked like non-Spam

This message was accepted for delivery. No spam like content

Accepted, DNSWL

The sending server is listed on several DNS-Whitlists. This means no spam has been seen recently from this sending server. If you do see spam coming from this server, please report the message as spam to get it automatically processes as such.

Accepted, Whitelist

The sender has been placed on a whitelist.

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