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My email suddenly stopped working - Help?

First, don't panic. It's very possible your software may have just gotten tired and taken a vacation.
Or it's possible the server has suddenly decided it doesn't like you today.

So let's figure out what the heck is going on.

1. On vacation
The problem with vacations is that even email software won't leave the cell at home.
So let's first try webmail to verify whether it's you or your software:

Go to:
username is your email address (like,
If you can log into webmail successfully, then you know it's not you (at least not today).

Now let's get that software back from the beach and whipped into working order.

* While in your software (Outlook, Mail, etc.), start by deleting the email account profile.
Click me to learn how to delete an email account
* Then Quit or Exit your software.
* And queue that Madonna song, Like a Virgin
  Start your sofware and re-setup your email account like the very first time using the username and password you verified working with webmail above.
* Check email.

2. "Server hates me today"
Ok, this is fixable even without counseling. If you've tried webmail and were greeted with a 'deny' message or other similar "can't connect" error then you know you've been blocked by server's anti-hacker firewall.

Email support the following:
Hey server peeps,
I can't access my email account because it appears my IP address has been blocked.
Please unblock me. My IP address is:

Click me to get your IP address

The above generally solves about 90% of the my-email-stopped-working issues. If the above doesn't solve the problem please call support for assistance.

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