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Blocking Chinese spam / junk email

The below filter settings may help in discarding Chinese or Japanese type junk email.

Log into cPanel, then see: Account Level Filtering

Filter #1

Create a new filter and give it a name, like:


Select Any header and Matches regex

Enter in box:


Select Discard

Filter #2

Create a new filter and give it a name, like:

Chinese character

Select Body contains

  1. Enter in box the chinese character shown at top of this page:

    []( "Chinese Character")
  2. Select drop down menu item [Or]
  3. Then add this second line to likewise check for this other character:

    []( "Chinese Character")
  4. Select Discard

The first filter will, in theory, identify and discard all email with the standard Chinese and Japanese character types.

The second filter will, in theory, discard all email with these most commonly used Chinese characters.

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