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How do I turn off my default catch all email account?

Your default email account is called a catchall account.

By default your catchall email account is "off."

If your catchall email account is set "on" then any email sent to will go to your default account (if there is not a separate POP account or alias/forwarder set up respectively).

If you would prefer to eliminate the default account, you'll need to first create a POP account or forwarder (such as,

Via cPanel:
To turn off the default email account, click on Default E-mails.
On that page you will see the link at bottom, Set Default Address (Catch All)
Click this link, and you'll see Send all unrouted mail for [] to _____________.
In the box, enter :fail:

This will ensure anything sent to the now non-existent email addresses will disappear (not be saved).


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