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Email Attachments and Viruses

Our servers use some of the latest anti-virus and anti-spam filters available.

Some email attachments are likewise denied to protect our customer's computers from being infected by computer viruses, as well as being flooded by common spam and virus attachments.

Files that end with ".exe", ".ini", ".bat", ".pif". ".vbs" ".eml" are a few extensions of executable files that may launch dangerous programs or scripts

A note on .eml attachments.
Because .eml attachments are auto executed by default in many email client's, .eml attachments are commonly used by spammers and hackers to infiltrate unsuspecting computer users.
Since legitimate .eml files are usually simple links or text, if the recipient receives a bounce back message, please ask sender to simply include the link or text in the body of the message, instead of attaching a file.

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