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What is an Addon Domain and how do I use it?

Addon Domains are domain names that point to subdirectories within your main web site.

In order to set up an Addon domain:

  1. Unpark the domain name if previously parked.
  2. Remove or rename the directory you'll be pointing to now (if you previously uploaded content). Not doing so could cause errors in setup.
  3. Next, see the Addon Domains option.
  4. Enter the domain name you wish pointed to a subdirectory.
    TIP: no www. or / or other odd characters-- just the domain name)
  5. Where is asks for UserName/SubDomain Name: enter in the directory name you'll be pointing your domain name too respectively.
    TIP: no "_" in directory name, "www." or "/" or other funny characters-- just a "simple" directory path name)
  6. Then enter a Password.
  7. Once set up successfully, move your content into the new directory.
  8. Update the DNS setting for the domain name to the same DNS setting as the main web site domain name.
  9. Finally: test your secondary domain name to verify all is working as expected.


I want to create a subdomain, like "," as an Addon Domain. How do I do that?

  1. The Addon Domain setup feature will not allow you to use a subdomain as the domain name.
  2. However you can do much the same thing by creating a subdomain, then creating a separate FTP account for the subdomain.


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